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Education - Pursuing an Online Degree

Pursuing an Online Degree by David Chandler

If you want to earn an associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate
degree, or certificate or even just improve your work skills, an
online degree program may be for you. These programs are a prime
option for those who cannot attend traditional classes for
whatever reason. Maybe you have a substantial career and simply
do not have the time, or maybe you are a working mother with
childcare issues that prevent you from being able to do so.
Those who are disabled, retired, or live in a rural area may
find it difficult to commute for classes also can benefit from
these programs. Degree programs online solve all of the problems
of these people and many others who wish to take higher learning
courses but cannot for one reason or another.

There are some personal characteristics that you will find will
further your success in an online degree program. First, you
must be committed to your goal of an online degree or
certificate. Just because you are taking a course online does
not mean it will be any easier than a traditional course. On the
contrary, many online courses are more challenging than
traditional courses.

Besides being committed, it will also help if you are a highly
motivated person. There will be many times when you are alone
and had rather just watch television, go to sleep, or go out
instead of working on your courses. It is also difficult because
you will not have any other students of professors to turn to in
case of questions or for advice and feedback. An online degree
program will make it necessary for you to motivate yourself and
make yourself work even when you do not want to.

It will help your cause a great deal if you are organized and
disciplined. When enrolled in an online program you will have to
make yourself complete assignments and study for tests and
exams, and therefore you will have to schedule your time
accordingly. It will also help if you are able to teach
yourself. You will be planning and scheduling much of the course
load yourself.

The most important thing you will need to begin an online degree
program is access to a computer that is able to meet certain
requirements, whether it is at home, work, or elsewhere. It will
help make things easier on you if you don't mind sitting in
front of a computer working, often times for a couple of hours a

While none of these (except Internet access) is required to
begin an online degree program, they will certainly help you
become more successful. If you are able to manage your time and
make disciplined to work, study, and finish assignments, you
will succeed at the program and have an online degree in no time.

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Health - Anti Aging Tips For Everybody

Anti Aging Tips For Everybody by JanetJonespapp

You can hide the effects of aging by using any among a number of creams and lotions that are designed just for that purpose. These creams work for a while, at least, softening the lines on your face and fading the wrinkles. When they no longer function the way you want them to, you can then move on to something more advanced, like weight loss surgery. But like all kinds of surgery, you need to know that it involves a huge financial burden.

You might be surprised how many people there are who still harbor thoughts of living longer than even 200 years old. Millions, I dare say. This is why anti aging has such a strong backing and a cult following. Products are bought off of the racks in hordes, and all the processes are being tried out as they evolve. Some people even offer themselves for experimentation despite the possibility of things going wrong.

With all the pollution in the world, and all the diseases that keep springing up night and day, mortality rates all over the world ordinarily should be on the rise, and less people should live to see older years. But not so. The advent of anti aging has brought hope and extended life to as many as will believe.

There a lots of coping skills for resiliently handling change and stress in anti aging. They are in fact the first hurdle you must overcome before you get to the point of taking drugs and being pricked by needles.

Alternative medicine is helpful in life extension. It has been found to hold secrets that are long forgotten and neglected by traditional means which yet help you to maintain and retain good health, thus prolonging life.

The Life Extension Foundation of the United States of America focuses on research and supplements for anti aging. Focus on anti-aging physicians and the cutting edge treatments they employ is found mainly at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Other prominent bodies are Andrew Weil and the Chopra Center for Well-being.

Scientists and alchemists have worked together for age, trying to find ways to reverse old age. The little successes they achieved were short lived, with the potions and lotions that they came up with. So they indulged in various types of eating and drinking, and injecting various substances into their bodies. All to no avail.

While seeking knowledge of old age, the last person you want to be talking to is someone who is no older than yourself. What could they possibly tell you? You should strive to learn from someone much older, a centenarian, for instance. Someone who has not only aged well, but enjoyed it as well. You may then be able to embrace it.

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