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Computer - Causes Of Data Loss And Storage Devices Damage

There are a lot of storage devices used to store data but the most common used ones are the CDs, DVDs, memory cards, memory sticks and undoubtedly the hard drives. All these storage devices have on major flaw in common, they are not infallible and this means that the data stored on them can be lost or damaged through a number of unforeseen failures. Fortunately, there are companies that employ data recovery specialists that can recover your data by using special techniques, software and tools. Data recovery can sometimes be performed by the user of the damaged device by using software but there is a high risk of failure that can result in permanently erased data or damaged storage devices.

There are a number of conditions that can cause a storage device failure and they include heat, water, impacts and power interruptions. Other causes can be viruses.

Heat damage will usually be caused by fire but in the case of electronic devices and storage media, overheated equipment is the cause in most cases. For instance, in room with an ambient temperature that is too high, the air cushion thickness will be reduced by the air pressure. The hard drive heads might touch the recording plate and data will be damaged or lost.

In the case of hard drives, this kind of damage can also be caused by physical shocks or high vibration levels.

Most drives, but not all, have a seal that goes around the sides of the drive. If the seal is broken, the drive if prone to environmental contamination. The air is not very clean and with a damaged seal, particles from the air can grind the recording plate generating corruption or lost data.

If a hard drive is wet, water damage can occur even if it is turned off. Water is corrosive and will damage the metals found inside the hard drive generating microscopic pitting.

Data recovery specialists have both the required skills and the resources to perform a successful data recovery operation. This ensures a good chance that if you experience any data loss you can recover the data, be it sentimental data or business related information. The best advice is to keep a backup of the data that is important to you, this way you can avoid the expense of data recovery. If a backup is not available, expert services provided by data recovery specialists is a must.

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Finance - Bankruptcy Best Bet?

Filing bankruptcy is a common practice among the U.S. Over 2 million people file for bankruptcy every year. So many families today are swimming in debt, which is not surprising with the amount of credit that is being offered. If you pay your bills, you're given the opportunity to run up more bills. For young people, this is often too much responsibility to handle. Many people choose bankruptcy in order to gain a fresh start.

However, bankruptcy leaves you with a bad record. This makes it harder to buy a house, a car, or any other big-ticket item soon after you have filed for bankruptcy. Mortgage lenders will certainly be more cautious before granting a loan to someone with a history of bankruptcy.

Luckily, there are other choices.

Debt Consolidation

It seems like every other TV commercial is talking about debt consolidation. Why? Well, it's a big market and many people are opting for debt consolidation before taking the plunge into bankruptcy. Before you decide to take this route, you must ask yourself: Will I be able to pay all of my other bills on time and still be able to survive monthly? Failing to pay a debt consolidation loan could cause you to lose your home to a creditor. So, before you decide to consolidate your debt, make sure you can handle the payments. Know all of the facts.

Quick Tip... Shop around for a loan consolidation company. Compare interest rates and company reputation. Get as much information as you can about each potential company so that you will receive the most manageable payment.

Another option is to make a settlement. If possible, it is best to try and pay off your debt in full or to make an arrangement for payments with the creditor. Do not borrow money to pay off your debts. For most people, this only leads them deeper into debt.

Credit Counseling

Credit counseling agencies will contact your creditors and make new payment arrangements on your behalf. Most of them are able to get your interest rate lowered or even have your interest payments stopped.

Some families have found credit counseling to be one of the best solutions for avoiding bankruptcy. It will also give you some breathing room, without creditors calling you off the hook.

However, sometimes bankruptcy is the only option. Personal bankruptcy allows people with overwhelming debt to get a fresh start. Although it will tarnish your credit rating, bankruptcy is sometimes the only choice. In this case, it is important to find a good debt settlement company. As always, researching different bankruptcy companies and options is the best thing you can do.

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Advice - The Secrets to Loving What You Do

The Secrets to Loving What You Do by Daegan Smith

How was your day? Did you wake up this morning with the feeling
that you just wanted to stay in bed all day and not bother to
work again? Did your day end with you hoping it is the last day
of the week when your week has just started?

We can say that the feeling of not wanting to get up from bed is
due to some previous sleepless nights, too much activities the
day before or hangover. Being so restless after a day's work can
be due to having a hectic day or not having enough sleep at
night. Both can also be due to not being happy with what you do.

Very few people are lucky enough to immediately land on a path
to their dream job. Few people have their first jobs at their
dream company. Few even get a job that they wanted.

Of course, if one wants to be a partner at a law firm, one
doesn't just have to finish law school, pass the bar and be
hired as a partner. He or she has to work hard for several
years. But a bar passer can be fortunate if he or she is offered
a job by a reputable law firm. Many lawyers find it hard to get
a job that allows them to practice law.

So how can one be happy in their jobs? Here are some tips.

* Look for a hobby.

You may not be able to use your interests or skills in the job
in which you are currently employed, but you can always look for
other options to practice them.

If you love writing, perhaps you can be a freelance writer,
start a web log (blog) or submit your works to publishing
companies. Doing something you enjoy relieves you the stress of
doing something that doesn't catch your interest.

It could also be something that you can look forward to at the
end of each task at work, that you will be excited about
successfully finishing each assignment at work. It's like giving
you a reward for each job well done.

* Look for a challenge.

Some people don't feel like going to work because their daily
work life has been monotonous. A secretary might just have to
spend her day typing letters and receiving guests, and this can
sometimes be a dull task.

However, she can try to make herself better by learning a
different language that she can use when speaking with foreign
guests. Moreover, learning new skills can also help in getting a
promotion and a raise.

* Spend time to relax.

Many people do not really dislike their jobs, but just spend so
much time at their desk or at work that they get burnt out.

Doing a hobby, reading a book, seeing a movie, and spending time
with family and friends are good stress busters. Also, forget
your diet sometimes and just reward yourself with a scoop of ice
cream or chocolate.

Or if you really wanted to stick to your diet, just take a walk
in the park, visit places that you've never been to, do things
that you've never done, or just play with your dog. After all,
animals were proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure.

* Change your job.

If you have tried all of the above and still feel the same,
probably, it time to change your job. Maybe, it's some of your
company's practices that don't work for you, and then transfer
to a different company but have the same job.

Or if you really like your company, but you don't like your job,
maybe you can talk to your human resources personnel about
options for transferring to a different department. Or perhaps,
you are looking opportunities for growth.

Always make research by asking the HR staff and by checking
online on how you can increase your qualifications so you can
get a promotion.

Changing jobs can be risky, especially if you are jumping to a
different field. You may initially be given a job that is below
your qualifications, be given a lower salary than what you were
previously receiving, and you will have to undergo an adjustment
process. So do this only if you are left with no other options
with your current job and company.

These are just some ways on how to love and enjoy what you do. A
famous quote says "If you find something that you love to do,
you never have to work again a single day in your life."

Article Source: The Secrets to Loving What You Do

Finance - Safety Tips for Writing a Personal Check

Safety Tips for Writing a Personal Check by William A. Gordon

Safety Tips for Writing a Personal Check

William A. Gordon

If you happen to be new to check writing, then pay careful attention. While you may not think of it as a difficult task, safe check writing is something that everybody absolutely needs to do right.

Use Ink Only

Always use ink; the use of pencil puts you at a huge risk of fraud. Using lead, or even erasable ink, makes it easy for a dishonest person to alter the amount on the check. It is necessary to use a form of ink to prevent others accessing your blank check. A permanent marker is actually much better to use than a regular pen. This is particularly important to stress, since there have been episodes where common people have engaged in "check washing," wherein criminals use chemicals to remove the ink from checks so as to alter them. You can avoid this scenario altogether if you use permanent marker.

Dating and Identifying

When you first glance over a check, it may strike you as extremely complicated. However, once you have all of the information, the blanks are easy to fill in. First, you need to fill out the current date on the check. A lot of people post date checks. Did you know it is illegal? Write the correct date on every check. Once this has been accomplished, be certain to clearly write the name of the recipient on the "pay to the order of" line. Be absolutely certain you've written their complete name.

Filling in the Amount

The most important article of information on the check, of course, is the dollar value that you are assigning to it. It is required to write the amount in two places. Put this information in the dollar amount line first. The line is titled Dollars and is located below the Pay to the order of line. When you write out the amount, write it out in full, including any cents. To prevent someone from changing your numbers, you must fill out this area of the check. Afterward, you will need to print the numbers in the box to the right.

Sign the Check Properly

Once you've filled out all other areas of the check, you'll need to place your signature on the check. When signing the check, it is important to remember that your signature shouldnt vary too greatly from how you normally sign checks or documents. It should resemble your driver's license signature for a reference if need be. If exceptional care is not taken in the signing process, then your bank could very well single the check out as a potential fraud, leaving you having to answer a barrage of irritating questions about a legitimate check. Due to ever increasing check fraud and forgery, banks pay close attention to signatures and make sure they match. Finally, you have the option of filling out the "info" section of the check. Just to keep their bookkeeping organized and efficient, most people like to note what the check is for. Generally, if you give out more information, you will be in better shape.

Overall, writing a check isn't a difficult thing. It isn't something that should be taken lightly, though. Take great care to fill out each part of the check as carefully as possible, so that there won't be any chance that your check is altered. This will save you a potential headache in the future.

Bill Gordon is a contributing author for many ( check designer websites and has an extensive background in ( ordering checks online and check writing safety issues.

Article Source: Safety Tips for Writing a Personal Check

Business - A Beginners Guide To Making Money on eBay

A Beginners Guide To Making Money on eBay by Thomas Griffin

A Beginners Guide To Making Money on eBay

Thomas Griffin

Ebay is one of the most popular auction websites that offers a range of advantages to its buyers and visitors. The first and most obvious advantage is pricing. Since eBay is operating on auction basis, it is often possible to get lower rates on certain goods, and sometimes these rates are so low that it's hard to believe. However, benefits are provided not only to buyers, but also to people who are selling items through eBay.

Getting Started

The first thing to keep in mind is that competition is "wide awake", especially in such a lucrative field as sales. So, how do you get started with your eBay business? Your first option is to get registered, provide identification details and either buy or sell a product to acquire a status of a "verified" user. Why do you need to get that status? That is because "verified" users will be able to receive feedback from other eBay users. Perhaps you won't be surprised at the usefulness of positive feedback.

Getting positive feedback is a separate issue that matters a lot if you want to make money on eBay. To receive it, you should do your best to keep buyers satisfied. So, pay attention to the accurateness of your product descriptions, adequate pricing, and accepting most convenient methods of payment, such as paypal, cheques, and money orders.

Choosing The Product

When choosing the product to sell, your first consideration will be a potential demand for it. You can check that by looking through the history of sales on eBay website and find out what categories of products are used to get the best sales. You can also browse eBay product catalogs to see what kind of products are offered for sale, what level of competition they have, and what are average prices they get sold at. Consider selling products that are not too competitive, and are harder to find yet still in demand. Selling rare products also entitles you to set higher prices on them.

Looking for A Good Supplier

Once you decide on the product to sell, you'll need to research the suppliers' market. You can consider drop shipping that is a very popular way to make money on eBay. In that case you'll need to look for a reputable wholesaler who will agree to work with you. So, you'll be placing product listings on eBay website, and taking orders form buyers. Then, you'll be redirecting those orders to the wholesaler and making sure that the buyer receives the purchase. Thus, dropshipping allows you to do without initial investment into inventory and shipping overheads.

It's better to start selling products on auction basis. Try to set as low starting price as possible, since it will encourage consumers to bid on the product.

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Finance - Forex Trading

Forex Trading: How to Setup a Solid Workstation? by Toby Smitz


At first glance, it may not appear that important, but you will come to appreciate the wisdom of ensuring you have all of the tools necessary to make your currency trading experience a positive one.

Work Station Location

Choosing the right place for trading is your first step. Be sure not to rush into making this decision too quickly. Do you have a spare room? How about an office? The place you choose should be a place where you can concentrate and feel comfortable.

Trading Forex at times can be very stressful, so your trading area should be a place where you can relax. Avoid setting up your trading setup in your bedroom, as this could disrupt your sleep cycle. Having the right amount of rest and sleep is as important as trading forex itself. Keep this in mind.

Trading Computer and Accessories

One of the most frustrating events for a new trader is attempting with outdated computer equipment. The following list must not be ignored in acquiring adequate computer equipment:

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

• Pentium 3

• 256 MB Ram

• 20 GB HD

• 17” Monitor

• Fast Internet Connection

• Windows 2000, XP

• Antivirus and Firewall Protection

Whether you choose a desktop or laptop computer, be sure it meets the minimum requirements for the best operating results. You’ll also want to have a comfortable chair with adequate lower-back support.

Other useful accessories include: a small calculator, a telephone to call dealing desk if needed and a notebook to be used as a trading log.

Recommended Hardware Requirements:

• Pentium 4 2.6GHZ or better

• 512 MB Ram

• 100GB HD

• 2 17”monitors or 2 19” (LCD)

• FAST Internet Connection

• Windows XP

• Antivirus and Firewall Protection

Internet Connection

When you are a day trader, you will need a stable fast internet connection, avoid internet services where frequent disconnections are the norm, for longer term traders (such as o daily chart traders), you can use a dial up connection but still preferred is a fast stable connection to the internet such as ADSL.

Toby Smitz - Daily Operations

Forex Trading

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