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Science - 5 Great Ways To Enrich Your Children's Conscience

5 Great Ways To Enrich Your Children's Conscience by Adwina Jackson

Children are living with curiosity. They learn lots of things in
life, gifted naturally with intuition, and open toward
everything they find.

Everything seems to be interesting to them. That's why they want
to know about many things. It's indeed a sign of good

Parents need to help children develop their conscience, which
will be a great means of getting spiritual experiences. Through
these, they'll learn about self-esteem and moral values.

Of course parents want children have and familiar with good
values in life. As parents, what can you do then? Here are 5
ways you can do to enrich their conscience:

* Give good examples. What you say and do everyday reflect what
you think about the world. If you say good stuff, your children
will do the same. Children are great imitators. It's important
for you to say and do nice things anytime anywhere.

* Listen when they talk. Sometimes your children ask questions
that sound silly to adults, like "Mom, where does the sun sleep
when the night comes?" Listen to them and answer seriously, "The
sun doesn't sleep. It shines in other places in the world." By
listening, children will feel that they get respect from their

* Show happiness. Show and share all the happiness and positive
energy and thoughts with the children. If you're happy, they're
happy too. By doing this, the children will learn that life is

* Introduce them to nature. Tell them that all things happen in
the world are connected to each other and that there's a reason
for it. For example, water is needed to irrigate plants and
plants are food source for other living creatures.

* Be flexible with your rules. Children should be informed about
what they should do. However, always take notice on their
development. There will be time when they can decide what they
want to do. By being flexible with your rules, children will
stay cheerful and expressive.

Those 5 tips are actually easy to carry out. Just place yourself
as your children's parents and friends as well.

Again, remember that children are good imitators. Once you do or
say something bad, there's a great chance that they will do or
say the same.

Article Source: 5 Great Ways To Enrich Your Children's Conscience

Finance - Paypal

PayPal - The Easy Credit Card Solution for Paying by Landon McGehee

PayPal - The Easy Credit Card Solution for Paying

Landon McGehee

There is without any doubt or question accepting credit cards is an absolute necessity online if you intend to run an online business; we take it for granted but a great deal relies on this now. You can?t run an online business by taking checks or money orders; delays in processing the order will make it an nonviable proposition. No-one likes to wait on the Internet otherwise they would shop in a mall; caring about what your customers want is the key to success.

You need to a system to take a payment instantly to get your product or service out the door as soon as your customer orders it. Any professional company that has an e-commerce website will make sure that every type of payment system is in place including the ability to accept credit cards online; these sites aim to please their customers by accepting payment at any time of the day. If you don?t take payments this way then you should inquire about having the option of online payments available as soon as you can.

There are now quite a number of methods of accepting credit cards online; this decision is often based on how much a company is willing to spend to run it. Because it is possible to use more than one method to accept credit cards online, many larger internet businesses use more than one system to attract additional customers.

Using Paypal

Often the traditional systems or ( procedure of applying credit can be expensive and out of the reach of many small internet businesses; however, a good alternative is to use Paypal to accept your credit card payments. The rise in the popularity of Paypal is partially due to eBay who purchased the company. It is slowly overtime becoming the payment system of choice for many.

All that is needed is a Paypal account to be created which is simple to use; many internet users prefer to use this system over others. The only way to keep customers is by supplying a safe online payment service for them to purchase your products or service; by ensuring your site is secure, your sales will increase and less potential customers will leave.

This means that the transaction is encrypted so that their information is not broadcast around the Internet for those who may take those numbers for their own use. Any website that accepts credit cards online will be a secure site with the first letters of the website address being https://, This provides peace of mind to the user, so if you do not have this facility your customers will go elsewhere. With internet fraud being one of the top concerns on the internet it is your responsibility to make your customers feel safe and secure when they place an order otherwise they will leave and order elsewhere.

Seeking assistance on ( procedure of applying credit card Visit us at

Article Source: PayPal - The Easy Credit Card Solution for Paying

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Entertainment - Satellite TV

To Watch International Satellite TV Is Now Affordable by Davion Wong

To Watch International Satellite TV Is Now Affordable

Davion Wong

Everybody knows that you can only watch international satellite TV if you pay lots of money. You have to have a monthly subscription, and on top of it you have to pay for each of the channels you want, or else for a bunch of channels offered as a package. This was not financially viable for a good number of people.

The solution is software that has been invented, which, once you download it onto your computer, lets you choose from so many channels, local and international, that you simply will not know where to begin. This is an easy and inexpensive way to watch international satellite TV.

If you choose a satellite TV provider, each international channel can cost you up to $30 every month. The software that you need to watch international satellite TV is only $50 or even less, and you will not have to pay for each channel after that. In fact, after this one payment, you need not pay anything at all. No more expenses at all.

This offer to watch international satellite TV is actually better than most of the packages offered by companies usually. These packages usually only have a very limited number of channels to choose from, if you are looking for international channels, especially. With most packages, you would have to settle for channels that you would not normally watch, if you had the choice. But with the Internet, you can have more choice than you have ever hoped for. You can find new channels you like, as well.

These channels that you particularly want to watch will rarely be among those offered by most satellite companies. With Internet satellite television, you will have such vast options that you will find the ones you are looking for, as well as many others that you will love.

Of course, you don't have to be of non-American origin to watch international satellite TV. Most people are curious to see a few exotic channels. After all, it is a splendid way to get to know other cultures without travelling all the way there. You might think that the language will be a barrier, but plenty of programs have English subtitles. Some channels even have English programs, as well. You can watch the controversial international channels you have heard of, like Al Jazeera, and keep in touch with international politics, as well.

Whether it is because you want to listen to your native language, or whether you are just curious and want to know, you can watch international satellite TV without having to pay too much.

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Discover how you can instantly ( watch satellite TV on computer without expensive monthly subscriptions. Also read another article on how to (,-TV-or-Cable-TV&id=490568) watch satellite TV on PC.

Article Source: To Watch International Satellite TV Is Now Affordable

Business - How to win the advertising and promotion game

How to win the advertising and promotion game by Buniei R Ahn

I am certain that, as a business owner, you have often
entertained the question as to how much to spend and where to
spend your advertising dollars. For most small business owners,
these questions can add to the headaches suffered in the course
of normal everyday operations of their business.


The how much to spend and where to spend it questions have no
easy answers.

Depending on your type of business, many people suggest that the
*how much* should be equal to anywhere from 4% to 10% of your
gross receipts.

The quandary is that a business cannot survive without a fresh
flow of incoming customers. But, a business can seldom generate
a fresh stream of customers without spending money to get the
word out about their business.


Have you ever paid for advertising and sat back to await the
fresh flow of customers, only to find yourself sitting and
sitting and then sitting some more?

Don’t feel bad about that. It has happened to many of us before.

See, knowing where to spend the advertising money is not enough
to get the job done.

Where to spend the money only begins to highlight the other
issues connected with advertising:

· Marketing Plan · Advertising Strategy · Headlines, Ad Copy and
Visual Presentation · Tracking the Success of Your Advertising


The Marketing Plan is used primarily to identify your own
products and services, costs, strengths, weaknesses and the
strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

To learn more about constructing your own marketing plan, visit
the Small Business Administration website for a comprehensive
study of the elements of a Marketing Plan:


It is important to understand what you expect to gain from your

Do you simply wish to get your name known so that when your
customer will need you, they will think of you first? Or, do you
wish to get your customers in your front door on Saturday?

Do you want your customers to come in and take a look around to
discover the next object that they cannot live without? Or, do
you want them to come in and buy a specific widget?

Do you hope that enough people will come in to buy enough
products or services to pay for your single ad? Or, do you
expect to gain a lifelong customer who will help pay for your
advertising over the course of several years?

When you know what you want, then you will better understand
just how to do it.


You might be surprised how many business owners put out
advertising without regard for the quality of the sales pitch or
presentation. The quality of your distribution outlet or the
amount of money you spent to get there will do little for you if
the advertising vehicle is a junker.

Test all of your advertising materials in smaller markets before
blowing your advertising bank roll on it. You must absolutely
know the value of your advertising before putting large sums of
money behind it.


Tell your customers to save another 10% when they tell you they
heard or saw your ad in such-and-such location. Suggest that
they can register to win a free widget if they fill out a form
and have them to tell you how they heard of your business.
Advertise a specific widget in your ad and track the sales of
that widget.

It does not matter how you track your advertising --- just make
sure you do it!


The ideal way to spend your advertising budget is to buy a rifle
with a high-powered scope and to only shoot your targets in the
light of day.

If you are not tracking your advertising, then you are shooting
a pellet gun without an attached scope, with blinders on, and
shooting in the dead darkness of night.

Even with a bigger gun, the blinders in the dark constitute the
single largest mistake made by advertisers. If you are unable to
track your advertising to learn what is working well, what is
working somewhat, and what is a money pit, then you are
condemned to repeat your mistakes over and again.

By relying only on gut instinct, you may be choosing to spend
more money in the money pit and to lose all of your money in the

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of making money from
your advertising, you should plan, prepare, track and study your
results. You must have factual information on which to base your
advertising decisions. When you are making the right advertising
decisions, then making money from your business might just come

Warm regards,

Buniei my home site

Article Source: How to win the advertising and promotion game

Business - 7 ways to get super adsense income

7 ways to get super adsense income - Tried and Tested by Web Artist


Let me before starting this topic tell you that I am not in the
top adsense earners or the so called 'premium publishers', but i
do have a decent income from google adsense program. Its very
simple to earn good money from this program. Your 15 year old
kids are earning 2000$ monthly from it, so why cant you.

Its a myth that to you got to know all the technical stuff and
should be a programming guru to earn off that much from google
adsense. Its totally unrealistic, but all the premium publisher
or atleast most of them are general site owners with basic or
amatuer knowledge to technology. This is the real thing.

So you must be wondering what seperates them from us, why do
earn so huge amount of money while we just sit wondering what
should be done to get to that point.

>From my point of view, i would suggest the following golden 7
steps to ensure such fat income :

1. To start off, Google Adsense business should be treated as
importantly as other businesses. Its totally unethical to call
it as residual income. If you consider it as residual then you
should not expect big cheques from it.

2. Secondly, track you improvements, changes in ad positioning,
whats working and whats not. From today, track all the changes
you do and their impacts, its the basic common mistake that we
make, not tracking the changes we make. This helps in analysing
few things which works for us and which do not. Repeat the
things next time you go about making a new site and stay away
from the things which didnt work this time. It helps in avoiding
mistakes we make again and again.

3. The main thing this premium publisher do, is take up some
broad niche and then divide them into sub niches, each having
its individual sites. For eg, Sports, Cricket, Indian Cricket,
Sachin Tendulkar, Fan sites. They use specific automated site
building tools to make up their instant niche sites. This
automated tools are their main secret weapons of mass

4. Once you have exhausted making the 'n' no. of niche sites
from the same niche, provide backlinks, links from each niche
site to other one, and from each page to related page in other

5. Now, designing your site requires one main point to be
covered, make it very easy to browse as well as simple on the
looks. Remember your main aim is to have click through on
adsense rather then distracting your viewer to other things.
Here the mantra is to 'Tell' not 'Sell' like any
e-commerce site which will have emphasis on its product and will
guide the viewer to their products. So make an informative site
with enough content which will have adsense related matter.

6. Now comes the main part, the exposure of your sites, its easy
and should be a gradual but steady process, make links from
other related to yours, provide interlinking to your various
related sites, make sitemap of each site and submit it to
google, submit your sites to various directories like Indexrated & Sc2 Link Directory. This should
provide you steady and good traffic. In 2-4 months, you would be
having enough traffic to have good amount of click-throughs.

7. After doing the tough part, you got to have patience on your
part. Nobody and i mean nobody can earn 100$ on 1 day itself,
wait for few months and you would be on your way to premium
publisher. If you still want to earn more, repeat this steps
with different niche and double your earnings.

This way, has been tried and tested by my friend and i have
posted this article after interviewing him. His earnings
averaged 10k $/month in past 6 months.Now that must be good
enough for you, probably :)

Any comments would be highly appreciated.


Web Artist.

Article Source: 7 ways to get super adsense income - Tried and Tested

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Automobiles - Cars

Know Your Reasons For Buying A Car by Jay Bauder

Reasons for Buying a Car

Besides the obvious reason, transportation, are there any other
pressing reasons for buying a car? Perhaps it is a necessity
like requiring inexpensive transportation to and from work. Or,
maybe you are a "stay at home" Mom or Dad and need a vehicle to
haul children around to school and various other activities.
Regardless of your reason, make certain that purchasing the car
is for a valid purpose and not just because you want to outdo
"The Joneses."

In this guide we will show you some of the pitfalls to avoid as
well as information to make your selection much easier. The
following are basic reasons you should consider when making that
all important car purchase. Is it a good buy?

The best time period to buy that car you have always dreamed of
having is later in the month. Usually, there are numerous rebate
programs and bonus offered by month's end based on a dealer's
monthly sales quotas. The idea is that, sometimes dealers fall
short of meeting their sales objectives. If their performance is
assessed by the end of the month this can prove to be good news
to most car buyers since dealers now have no choice but to sell
vehicles at a price that is lower than their norm. They are
pressed to make more sales that will count for their monthly
sales and that puts you at an advantage as a buyer.

Peace of mind

Sometimes dealers do a song and dance routine just to make that
sale. The result is that often car buyers end up with car
features they realize later on they do not really need and a
price they actually could not afford. You can avoid this
potential stress by always remembering to trust your instincts.
If ever you feel in doubt, the answer -- don't -- do not let
yourself be pressured to making that purchase now.

This is a common strategy of car dealers wherein they compel the
customer to buy that car, now, this moment, today!

Do not forget that you should always sleep on it and then
decide. This is a lot better than making your mind up now and
forever holding your peace.

First Impression

To quote a common cliché, first impressions usually last. Though
not always true, when buying cars, you could get many ideas just
by observing how car sales people deal with you. Usually, these
non-verbal signals are fairly correct enough enabling you to
know what to expect from your car purchase.

If at any time you feel that the person selling you the car is
not trustworthy or simply do not like him or her, always
remember that you have the option to leave. It is advisable that
you do not sell yourself too much. Time is precious, especially
yours. So do not waste it. You are always free to politely walk
away, anytime, anywhere, and in any way you like it. But if
there are not many car dealers in your area, you may want to
linger for a few moments more and wait until the negotiations
you have with your dealer breaks down and you simply have no
option but to run off.

The Invoice Price

Another thing to consider when buying a car is the invoice
price. Make sure to ask that you see the invoice. If dealers are
working their tails off against it, you have enough reason to
believe that the car being offered is an unpleasant deal.
Usually, the price on the invoice is the cost the dealer paid
the manufacturer for buying the car. This is before any rebates
or incentives were included. Once this is known, only then will
you have an idea as to how much the dealer could profit from
each vehicle sold. Knowing this information could enable one to
be more confident then in negotiating the price.

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

In layman's term, this is commonly called the sticker price.
This is the price one usually sees in the window of the car that
is being sold.

Never ever consider paying the amount stated on the sticker
price. This amount is just the starting point to your
negotiations with the dealer.


There are instances when manufacturers provide the dealers with
a little something extra, like money, rebates or a bonus because
they are able to sell cars that are either overstocked or
undersold. Make sure that before actually purchasing a car, you
were able to know if that car you are buying has some dealer
incentives attached to it. If so, take off that amount from the
car's purchase price and have yourself a very good deal and
hopefully, a very good car as well.

Article Source: Know Your Reasons For Buying A Car

Finance - Forex Trading for Beginners

Learn Forex Trading - a Guide for Beginners by Brian Kolewe

One can learn forex trading as easily as one would like to learn other subjects or train in other professions. The criteria for learning forex trading is an analytical / logical bent of mind and some number crunching abilities. Reading specialized books on the subject matter, enrolling for college and other programs, which specifically teach one to do forex dealing, one can understand Forex trading. Still other ways are through the Internet and training under a forex dealer / professional. Essentially the forex market comprises of currencies, which are bought and sold according to certain parameters.

There are major currencies in the market, which are trade and are the most liquid. These are US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. Then there are other currencies, which are not so liquid. However currency trade is done in almost all currencies across the world. The forex market is truly a twenty-four market with only a minor break during the weekend. It opens in Sydney, then in Tokyo and then in London and New York in that order according to the way that the Earth rotates and the sun rises. Therefore forex brokers and investors can choose their time of operation.

Essentially it's a matter of selling and buying the currencies. The goal is very simple, that of making a profit in the currency transactions that you participate in. The currency market operates like most other markets and therefore for many traders 'migrating ' form other trades such as stock market can be quite simple.

Essentially one can learn forex transactions by creating a virtual account. The first lesson is that currency trade is done in pairs only like Euros / US$, Japanese Yen/ Canadian Dollars etc. When you have set up a virtual account with the amount of initial investment, keep the following pointers in mind

· According to your investment strategy and time frame, choose the currency pair best suited to your needs. Some currency pairs can be very aggressive and the changes can be quite volatile. While others may not show any movement. Therefore choose the currency pair with care.

· Decide the time frame. Do you want to spend a few minutes on the forex trade or you want to go the whole hog and devote the entire week to the forex trade (swing trade)

· Have an exit plan ready before you start the currency transactions. Know when to place your 'stops' and do so accordingly.

· No risk no gain. Be willing to take risk. You can take calculated risks in order to earn good profits. Know whether you want to be an aggressive trader or are you happy being a safe trader.

· Read and analyze the news and the technical data that is generated on the currencies that you deal in to understand the market conditions better.

Of course you can grasp the modus operandi of the forex trade. But for doing the real thing, you need to be in the forex transaction market for real.

One can learn forex trading as easily as one would like to learn other subjects or train in other professions. For in depth information visit

Article Source: Learn Forex Trading - a Guide for Beginners

Entertainment - Movies

Download Movies From The Internet by Pedro Pellicola

No matter what type of movie you enjoy - comedy, drama,
horror, romance, science fiction, or independent film -
movies are a great source of entertainment for you and
your family. A great movie can bring out all types of
emotions - laughter, sorrow, thoughtfulness - and can
even make us think about our own lives.

There are a lot of people who rate watching movies as one
of their favorite activities, especially if their favorite
actor is featured in the film. In fact, with the advent of
video and DVD, many people watch their favorite films over
and over again. For many, a favorite movie can be a great
source of comfort and joy and something they can share with
friends and family.

And now, across the Internet, there are literally thousands
of full-length movies available for download. You can even
download movies that are still being shown in theaters or
have just been released on video and DVD. And with a good
broadband Internet connection, you can download any movie
in as little as an hour. And these downloaded movies are
of DVD quality, and can be seen immediately on your PC.
With downloaded movies, you can enjoy the latest movies at
great picture quality no matter where in the world you are
located. As long as you have a fast Internet connection,
the world of movies is at your fingertips.

There are many advantages and benefits to downloading
movies. First of all, downloading movies is cost effective,
downloading movies is easy to do, and you can create your
own library of all your favorite movies. You can gain access
to an unlimited amount of movies including hard to find
movies and all the old classics. The process of downloading
movies is exceptionally easy and all you need is the
necessary technical requirements and a little patience in
order to successfully download movies.

When downloading movies from the Internet your best bet is
to do it from a legal source. Downloading speeds are much
faster when you are downloading from a legal movie site.
This is because legal movie sites do not rely on the speed
of other users, they are dependent on large server networks
throughout the world. This way you can also ensure quality
pictures, secure files, you can avoid viruses, and it is
completely legal. If you have a broadband connection, you
can download and start watching movies as soon as they

Pedro Pellicola is a contributing author of
He is owner and webmaster of Byte Movie, a leading Internet portal for movie information. For more movie
information and resources, please stop by:

Article Source: Download Movies From The Internet

Computer - Window Registry

Cleaning your Computer?s Registry for Improved Performance by Ron Cripps

Cleaning your Computer?s Registry for Improved Performance

Ron Cripps

This has been written to give the average computer user the information needed to optimize and maintain there computer registry. Your windows registry is an essential part of your computer so it needs to be looked after I hope this helps.

Invalid registry keys are the major cause of computer errors, crashes and slow downs. Invalid registry keys are usually want is left behind from a program that has been uninstalled from your computer. You need to repair these registry entries to ensure a smooth running computer as leaving them can lead to many problems.

Computer Systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista possess a Registry Editor tool that you can use to view the registry files, and if you like you can conduct a few registry edits, but remember always backup the registry before making any changes. With that in mind, this mechanism is not equipped with options that you can use to perform a thorough system scan or repair of the registry. For that you will require a registry cleaning tool to do the work for you such as regcure, registry fix, registry smart, there are many options available to you and most of these programs have a free trial download.

Windows XP and Windows Vista have very notable characteristics when it comes to programs. If you are attempting to clean and maintain your own computer registry please be aware that this can be extremely dangerous to the unwary user. Your Registry files are extremely important for the trouble free operation of your windows system. In saying this if you happen to delete the wrong entry you could possibly slow or worse still crash your system.

Installing new software or hardware on your Windows Xp or Vista computer system is more complex than you are lead to believe. Every function of the install or un-install is logged in the computer registry. Overtime the registry can become full of obsolete files and this happens whether you have followed the correct un-install or install directions it is unfortunately unavoidable.

An unmaintained registry is likely to cause problems and crashes if left unchecked. It is vital that you clean your registry of any obsolete or cross linked files to ensure system stability and reliability.

Removing and installing programs can cause corrupt entries in your computers registry. This can in effect degrade the overall running of your computer which could lead to your computer failing to start altogether. If you have not done so already it would be a good idea to consider cleaning your computer registry to stop any further or future problems developing.

It is vital for you to maintain your computer registry, it is not a difficult procedure as long as you are extremely careful when removing any entries. Once you have removed a registry entry it is permanent and can not be undone. If you happen to delete a registry file that is needed it could stop your computer from running, so make a backup of all your files befor attempting anything like this.

If you are confident enough to edit your registry then here is how you can access it by clicking on the Start then Run and typing in Regedit.Open the Registry Editor and click on the My Computer icon in the left-hand panel. Click Edit and Find. Type in the word that has some reference to the program you are searching for to be certain is removed from your registry.

There is another way to increase your system performance with having to use the Registry editor. You can access a program called MSCONFIG by going to start then to run and typing in "msconfig" this will open a new window on your desktop where you can click the startup tab to view all programs that have loaded during startup. Remember all of these programs are using up valuable resources on your PC. You can if you know what you are doing uncheck these programs to improve system performance.

The registry is critical for your Windows operating system. Regular registry maintenance helps you avoid PC errors and also enables you to ensure optimal PC performance. Always use the windows uninstall option all the program uninstall options to remove programs you no longer need Do Not Just the delete the Icon and the Program Folder as this will leave behind many files that will over time slow your computer through an overloaded computer registry

Ready to optimize your registry? Don?t be scammed by untrue claims -check out our independent reviews on Registry Scanners here is one on ( Regcure. Ron manages a site on ( Adware and has written many articles and reports.

Article Source: Cleaning your Computer?s Registry for Improved Performance

Computer - Spyware

Why it is Vital to Remove Spyware by Robert Pearce

Why it is Vital to Remove Spyware

Robert Pearce

Syware is now destroying computers and lives all over the world. Thieves are gaining access to personal information like credit card info, bank accounts and passwords all from the pleasure of there own home. Spyware can also quickly destroy your pc leaving you with a pile of junk. Spyware has cost me three computers to date and I'm just plain sick of it. This article will give you the info on which software to install to make sure you are getting the best possible protection available.

So what is spyware?

Well to put it simply it is basically a software program that has been specifically designed to gather and collect all sorts of information from anyone that has been unlucky enough to have it installed on their PC. Some times you may not even realize you have it on your computer until the owner of the program activates it. Once they have done this then you should start to see the tell tale signs of an infected computer. Things like ads popping up when you're not online, your computer freezing for no apparent reason, not being able to get to your home page and your computer just being plain slow. If any of this is happening to you, well there's a pretty good chance you are infected.

What to do if I'm infected?

Well the very first thing you should do is get yourself some spyware removal software to detect any spyware present on your computer. Now if you don't have the cash to spend at presant then there are a number of free programs available. Two that come to mind are Ad aware and Spy bot search and destroy. Just remember these are free programs and tend to leave some spyware behind. So please get yourself a paid software tool once you have some money as I have found they do a far better scan. But just use the two mentioned above for now and clean out you system.

So now that you have a spyware free computer lets look at some other types of software to help protect you and your PC even further.

Pop Up Blockers

Now these are now a very important piece of software to have installed on your computer. Why? I shall explain. Pop ups can be used as another type of program to plant spyware on your computer. If you surf the net a lot I'm sure you have encountered them. The thing i think most Internet users don't under stand about the pop up is they simply think pushing the X closes the pop up and that's the end of that. Well in some cases that's totally wrong!! You see people can simply change the X button to OK or Download while it still looks like the close button. So you are actually giving the program permission to download onto your system and you don't even realize it. If this does happen the best thing to do is log of immediately before the download gets a chance to finish. Better still get a blocker installed and stop pop ups in the first place. There are plenty around for free.


This is one of the best software programs you can have installed on your computer. Anti-virus software will detect and isolate any Trojans, key loggers and worms trying to gain access to your computer, usually when you are downloading a file or product off the net. This also gives you the ability to scan any emails you receive in your inbox. But please if you don't know who its from just delete it, opening emails from unknown senders is one of the more common causes of spyware infection.

Register Cleaner

Register cleaners are the perfect software for cleaning out your computer. If you have removed some spyware or any software programs recently it will detect and delete any unused files that may have been left behind. It will also clean out your temporary Internet files, your cache and your browser's history. You will be surprised how much this will speed up your computer.

Install a Firewall

Firewalls are your best protection against hackers. If you leave an opening on your computer hackers can gain access to your computer and practerlly do as the wish? Hackers are extremely good at what they do and if you store personal info on your PC they will find it. Now if you don't store that type of info on your computer, well they will simply install and hide some spyware designed to activate when you visit certain websites of their choice. So the next time you are doing your banking or making an online purchase the spyware will activate itself and gather all your personal information and send it back to the hacker. This will result in Identity theft!!

All right if you take the time to install these types of software, all your personal information and computer will be protected from spyware. Just make sure to update each software at least once a week as there are new types of spyware hitting the Internet every day.

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Health - Diabetes

Taking Care of Your Feet by Julia Hanf

Taking Care of Your Feet

Julia Hanf

About 20% of the people diagnosed with diabetes are hospitalized because of issues concerning their feet. The foot of a diabetic can cause a number of possible critical conditions for them to be in. Blood flow problems in the legs, like atherosclerosis, can put the foot in peril for injury and infections.

The damage done to the nerves in the foot, from neuropathy, can reduce the ability to feel pain, heat, and cold. This can lead to secondary damage to the foot which if left untreated can cause infection and the breakdown of the skin.

looking at the feet closely every day, a diabetic can avoid many potential problems. Changes in color, loss of sensation, tingling or burning sensations, pain, and changes in the temperature of the foot should be reported to the physician immediately. If there is an injury to the foot, or an open wound, monitor the healing time. If it appears to be taking longer than usual to heal, report this to the physician as well.

If the skin of the foot becomes dry, cracked, and starts to peel, this poses another problem. These are symptoms that the nerves that control the foot's sweating have been damaged. When the skin cracks and peels, it gives bacteria an opening to get into the body and create havoc with infection. Using petroleum based lotions or salves helps moisturize the foot, and prevents the skin from cracking. However, avoid putting lotion between the toes because excess moisture can cause an infection.

With the aid of a pumice stone, you can soften calluses. If this doesn't work, consult a doctor to prevent it from being hard and thick, which leads to ulcer.

Open sores or ulcers often develop around the bottom of the big toe and at the ball of the foot. Sometimes, it's because of wearing shoes that are too tight. It also develops on the sides, top or heel of the foot. Redness is a symptom of skin breakdown, and diabetics should watch for it since ulcers can cause infections that may lead to lower limb amputations. There are cases wherein a diabetic wears a cast to lessen the pressure on the foot to avoid open sores from getting bigger or the infection from increasing.

Here are some tips on how to prevent the aforementioned issues from taking place: Monitor your sugar level. Stay fit. The legs and feet are strained due to the extra weight you may have. It would also be a little difficult to check your foot closely if you have a big bulge. Regularly inspect your feet or ask assistance from someone. Use smooth socks and not bunched when put on. Inspect shoes for foreign objects; the effects of the smallest obstruction can lead to catastrophic effects. Always wear something to protect your feet. You might step on something and cause open wounds. Check the temperature of the water bath with your hands first. If there are problems with the nerves on your feet, you won't be able to feel if you're already burning or not. Do not use heating pads on the feet. Make sure that after taking a bath your feet are dried well, especially between the toes. Quit smoking. Poor blood circulation, caused by smoking, increases the risk of nerve damage and slow healing.

A diabetic with poor senses in the foot should let a podiatrist trim toenails, trim calluses, and remove corns, to eliminate the risk of infection.

To avoid being hospitalized for foot related problems, possibly even amputation of the lower limb, a diabetic must take care of their feet and watch them closely for any signs of change.

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Health - Hepatitis B

How To Manage Hepatitis B Emergence by Elizabeth Campbell

How To Manage Hepatitis B Emergence

Elizabeth Campbell

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by the virus of hepatitis B, a DNA virus whose natural host is human body. It is a known fact that this particular virus is very resistant to the conditions outside its host, which means this little living virus can survive outside its natural environment for a long time. They actually discovered it on the contaminated medical equipment, many months after the contamination, and this could be the transmission way, or at least one of them.

The hepatitis B virus can have more viral particles in the infected blood but it is 100 times less infectious than the HIV virus. In contrast to HIV, hepatitis B can be transmitted through the saliva as well.

Infection from Hepatitis B results from unprotected sexual contact and contact with infected biological fluids such as blood, seminal liquid, vaginal secretions and saliva. Crowded living conditions can also be a contributing factor in transmitting the disease within the family circle. Because of this, it can be transmitted much faster than the HIV.

The Hepatitis B infection can be transmitted through four mechanisms. The first one is through vertical transmission, from mother to baby through childbirth. The second mechanism is the horizontal transmission, which is transmission by being in close contact with an infected person and is common between children, young people and adults too. An intimate association within the family members where one is infected is a source of horizontal infection as well. The infection can be transmitted through blood, saliva and other genital discharges. An open wound coming in contact with an infected blood or saliva from used utensils is a very good transmission agent.

Sexual transmission is made by normal or homosexual activity between a healthy and an infected individual. Parental transmission of the virus of the Hepatitis B is performed through blood as well as through contaminated blood products, which enter the organism of a healthy host through syringe needles, blood transfusions, hem dialysis, or even intravenous administered drugs.

Throughout the world, doctors and medical workers who are continually exposed to infected person will be very vulnerable to the infection. Other kinds of work which put their workers in danger of infection are the policemen, paramedics, firemen, and military personnel.

There are over 3 million people all over the world infected with the disease and thus are potential carriers of the Hepatitis B virus. Care should be exercised in everything that we use and people we come across. Regardless if we are not in high-risk professions such as mentioned above, you can also be exposed to infected objects such as needles or utensils. We must disseminate information about this disease to young people in a way that they will understand the dangers of this illness and how they can avoid it.

Effective dissemination of information about this infection to everybody, especially teenagers who have a tendency to throw all cares to the wind including sexual matters will lower the incidence of contamination worldwide.

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